Branding = Less, But More Often

With clarity to the essence of a brand

Dieter Rams was the lead designer at Braun for many years. He came up with the design rules that today give products from Apple and Co. the incomparable minimalist touch that inspires people all over the world. Rams was of the opinion that almost everything is superfluous and only a few things are essential. He was a master at removing all clutter and overload from products to reveal their essence. This made them both more useful and more aesthetic.


In the design world, Dieter Rams’ saying is well known: less, but better. Rams was referring in his statement to the view that people find orientation through simple and clear design. That good products do not need artificial complexity. That quality alone communicates for itself. In this way, Rams set the framework that designers still follow worldwide today – that a few, very good things add up to more than a lot of average things.

Brand is clarity is inspiration

We all know the effect when we think of brands and products that follow these rules. We are not motivated by the 100 bullet points of a product description of a service or a product – the identity of the brand inspires us. It is, in our perception, the idea of a better future, together with the brand. When brands free themselves from the superfluous noise of information, they take the courageous step into clarity: clear positioning, clear products, clear target group. In doing so, they create a clear identity that is highly relevant to specific customers.

In branding, we use the identity of a brand to communicate clarity precisely and continuously. The more consistently a brand communicates its clear value to the target group, the more concretely the brand perception is formed. The word identity comes from the Latin “identidem”, which means “repeating”. Identity is created through perception and the more this perception has consistency, the clearer the identity. In Dieter Rams’ translation, this would mean: less, but more often. Less superfluous noise – and clarity repeated more often.

From noise to branding

Many companies make the mistake of not forming a perception through too many too different messages – the company lacks the identity that makes it a brand. It is easier to be a little relevant to every customer in the noise of information than to be really relevant to the right customers through bold positioning.

Brand is essential if companies want to be sustainably anchored in the minds of the target group. It saves them a lot of budget and effort in marketing solutions and products that are increasingly in need of explanation due to the noise. A good way to find more clarity is to answer the following questions:

  • What is the real essence of our company?
  • What value do services/products offer in their basis?
  • What rational benefit is an irrational value for customers?
  • What would Dieter Rams remove from us?



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