Brand - the Identity of a Company.

Brands create Relevance.

A Brand is more than a logo, business cards or beautiful design. A Brand is a holistic impression customers have of a company. It is a customer’s gut feeling with which he imagines his future with a product or service. His conscious and subconscious associations anchor a Brand in his life.

Corporate Identity

We sharpen and define Brands in Strategy, Positioning and Communication.

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Corporate Design

We give Brands a unique design that makes them attractive and relevant.

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We actively help your Brand communicate the right values in images and text.

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Branding is shaping Future.

More details about our services for Brands?

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Brand Design System – 5 reasons why a design system is valuable for businesses.

What is a Brand Design System? A design system is the most modern type of design style guide. Unlike the passive documentation of a brand (Brand Guidelines), a Design System enables an active collection of design elements, interface components and…
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Branding and human Behavior The design and marketing industry is based on preconceived beliefs and mindsets that influence brand design. Most of what we think we get right in brand design is based on ideologies that often don't work in…
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Brand positioning – Brand design is business strategy

The positioning of a brand   Whenever we design a brand in brand design: beautiful images, logos and websites are only the tip of the iceberg of strategic work in the background. The surface of brand design, corporate design and…

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