Corporate Design

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The Corporate Design Process

Bringing your brand to life

An unmistakable corporate design gives your company charisma and recognition. From logo to color and image worlds to the design system, you become a unique brand with your CD. This makes a corporate design an important component of a holistic corporate strategy.

Corporate Design Cases
DLR GfR Corporate Identity & Design

DLR GfR Corporate Identity & Design

International Au Pair Day Brand Design

International Au Pair Day Brand Design

Heyya Corporate Identity & Design

Heyya Corporate Identity & Design

The value of a Corporate Designs

New Company
or Product

Whether you’re a start-up, launching a new product or raising venture capital. Your corporate design makes all the difference.

Redesign &

Your company has been on the market for years, but more attractive competitors and new offerings are threatening your success? Then it’s time for a breath of fresh air.


Your company wants to position itself with innovative services for a target group and convince with consistency? Your design prepares the decisive foundation.

With a strong Corporate Design, you manage to inspire your target group and turn them into loyal fans – in heart and mind. From Logo, Imagery, Color spectrum to a fully comprehensive Website, our service includes everything that lets your company communicate.

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